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Grievance Appeal Forms

(You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download these documents).

State Personnel Management System
Transportation Service Human Resource System
University System of Maryland
Maryland Transportation Authority
District Court
Bowie State University
Morgan State University
Towson University

For assistance, members should contact their Labor Relations Specialists or call MCEA Headquarters at 410-298-8800 or 1-888-611-MCEA (6232).

Frequently Asked Questions

I believe I have been unfairly disciplined. What should I do?

To receive professional, effective grievance representation, MCEA members should contact our headquarters office at 410-298-8800 or 1-888-611-MCEA, ext. 227 for assistance. Our union will file an appeal within the specified time limits required by your respective personnel system. For example, if you are under the State Personnel Management System, you must file your grievance within 20 calendar days of the cause of complaint and within 15 calendar days of notice of disciplinary action.  A University System of Maryland employee must file a grievance within 30 calendar days and appeal disciplinary action within five calendar days. The time limits for Department of Transportation employees are 30 calendar days for a grievance and five calendar days for disciplinary action.

What other types of representation does MCEA provide?

MCEA provides members an attorney to represent them before the Office of Administrative Hearings (or other administrative level for county employees) at no charge other than our union dues for employees who are facing termination or have been terminated. All other matters are capably handled by our professional labor relations specialists.

I am a higher education employee under the University System of Maryland. How can I learn more about personnel regulations?

USM personnel regulations are online. For further explanation, employees may call their campus human resource offices. MCEA members also may contact their Labor Relations Representatives for clarification.

Where do I go to get information about my position?

To review your classification grade, salary range, service category, and eligibility for cash overtime, refer to the Department of Budget and Management web site for the salary plan or contact your agency's personnel office.

What rights do I have as a contractual/contingent employee?

Contractual employees may not appeal disciplinary action under the grievance procedure. However, they are eligible for MCEA membership and our legal plan, and other benefits. Our Labor Reps will provide dues-paying members advice and consultation for job-related problems and may appeal a termination or rejection on probation if it was imposed for illegal or unconstitutional reasons. Certain personnel systems and universities provide limited benefits to contractuals. Check with your personnel office.

Where can I get a copy of the State employees' standard salary or USM salary structure?

The State's biweekly pay plan ( can be found on the Comptroller of the Treasury's web site. On the USM web site are the USM nonexempt salary structure ( and the exempt salary structure. Other state salary schedules are listed on the Department of Budget and Managment's Web site at

Where can I get information about the Family and Medical Leave Act?

Check with your agency's personnel office. State workers may visit the Department of Budget and Management web site ( for regulations governing FMLA.

How does the State Employees Leave Donation and Leave Bank Program work?

State workers may donate unused annual, personal and sick leave to the bank, in accordance with established procedure. Leave bank guidelines include information about the application process, forms to complete, membership, medical documentation, and other details. Contact your human resources office or union representative for assistance.

I am ready for a job change within the State system? Where do I start?

Recruitment within the State Personnel and Management System is handled by the Department of Budget and Management. The procedure to apply for a job is explained online. Employment links for other State agencies can be found at