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MCEA Staff Attorney position

The Maryland Classified Employee Association is announcing a request for resume for the position of Staff Attorney. The salary for Staff Attorney is between $86,971—$115,960, commensurate with experience, and offers benefits equivalent to State of Maryland public employees.

MCEA 2021 Convention - NEW DATE & DETAILS

Hello MCEA members,

Below is the text of the mailing that you will be receiving regarding the 2021 MCEA Convention. A digital copy of the full mailing is also attached to this post so that you may download and use the forms required to submit officer nominations and bylaw amendments.  



POSTPONED - MCEA Annual Convention 2021

This convention, originally scheduled for Oct. 9, 2021, has been postponed until further notice.

Statement of the President

[Editor's note: This was included in the inaugural issue of the MCEA newsletter.]

My name is Linda Day, and I am honored to have been nominated without opposition to serve as the president of your union.


During this unprecedented time, we see new challenges confronting working people all across this country. Despite these challenges, we have maintained our connection with our union and our members.


Members: Update your contact information

MCEA is reaching out to all of our Active and Active Retired members to update contact information in our database. We want to keep you abreast of all of our activities, and in a time where it is difficult to meet in person, we especially need our members' mail and email contact information.

Please click here to fill in your updated information