Call for Officer Nominations and By-law Amendment Proposals

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This announcement was sent via email to all MCEA members on June 21, 2021.


This email contains important information concerning the upcoming MCEA Convention, nominations for Board of Directors positions, and submission of proposed bylaw amendments. Now is your chance, as members, to have real input into the governance of MCEA, and to put forth the names of those who can help keep this union a strong and effective protector of the rights of State and public employees. Please review thoroughly, and feel free to follow up with any questions.

CONVENTION: Pursuant to Article V, §1 of the MCEA Bylaws (August 29, 2020), MCEA will be holding its biennial convention this October. The convention committee will issue details about the date and format of the convention later this summer. Please watch your emails for this information.

NOMINATIONS: As most of you are aware, MCEA’s Bylaws were revised in 2020, changing the process for nominating Board officers and board members. Pursuant to Article IV, § 2, MCEA members may submit to the election committee names of members who they wish to be nominated for open positions. The Board has extended the date for the submission of nominees to July 21, 2021, 11:59:59 p.m. Please note that all Board positions are open for submission of nominations: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Four (4) Directors. Descriptions of the duties of the officers, pursuant to MCEA’s Bylaws, are found below.

Nomination should be submitted by the above date and time to: Only a duly appointed member of the elections committee will have access to accept and process these nominations.

BYLAWS:  The MCEA Bylaws Committee is also accepting submissions for proposed new bylaws. Such submissions will be accepted through July 17, 2021, 11:59:59 p.m. Bylaw submissions can be submitted in any format, but must include the author’s rationale for the proposed change. Proposed bylaw submission should be submitted to

For access to the MCEA Bylaws, they are located here on our website:

Remember, MCEA only works if its members participate. As such, we look forward to your input and hope that you take time to nominate those who you feel can help guide our union into its future! Again, please let me know if you have any questions.


This year, ALL seats on the Board of Directors are up for election. Below are the positions and their corresponding duties and responsibilities:




  • Calls and presides at all meetings of the Association as authorized or required by the Bylaws, including but not limited to meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Statewide Advisory Council meetings and all conventions.
  • Exercises general supervision over all chapters of the Association.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all Association committees and Area Advisory Councils unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws.
  • Appoints in a timely fashion all Association committees except those stipulated in the Bylaws or by the Convention. Appointments should be made mindful of the committee’s charge and, when feasible, be representative of the membership.
  • Serves as the primary spokesperson for the Association in all relations and may authorize at his/her discretion the Executive Director, Legal Counsel, or other agents of the Association to speak in his/her stead.
  • Assigns duties and responsibilities to the Officers and Board of Directors as deemed necessary and appropriate.
  • The President ensures that the Officers, Board of Directors and the Executive Committee are kept fully informed of conditions and operations of the Association.
  • Provides to the Board of Directors background information, implications, alternatives, guidance, direction and leadership in crucial matters which may come before the Board of Directors.
  • Has final responsibility for the flow of information and educational programs for the chapters of the Association.
  • Receives all reports from Association committees, monitors progress and presents such reports to the Board of Directors and/or the Convention, as appropriate, for their review and action.
  • Takes appropriate action to carry out the mandates of the Convention and Board of Directors and ensures that the Bylaws are observed in conduct of Association business.
  • Reviews required detailed written and/or oral reports of the financial condition of the Association from the Treasurer and Executive Director.
  • Has responsibility for the actions and activities of the Association and in this regard, may require daily and periodic reports, as may be appropriate from the Executive Director, on the operation of the Association.
  • Presents a detailed report annually to the Board of Directors concerning the job performance of the Executive Director. Upon hiring a new Executive Director, presents a detailed report at least semiannually to the Board of Directors concerning the job performance of the Executive Director. The first report is due six months after hiring. [Bullets points following from the Board of Directors policy manual are redacted here as the Executive Director position is vacant.]
  • Submits a written report to the Annual Convention as to the progress of the Association.
  • Responds to appropriate inquiries from members and others in a timely fashion.
  • Reviews and approves all expense accounts of the Executive Director and may designate the review of Officer expense reports.
  • Approves all leave to be taken and compensatory time earned of the Executive Director.
  • Authorizes legal responsibilities and contracts and agreements which bind the Association.
  • Reports all personnel changes to the Board of Directors.

Vice President

  • Since the highest ranking Vice President is responsible to act during the absence or disability of the President, as cited in the Bylaws of the Association, all duties and responsibilities as listed under Section I in the Board Policy Manual shall apply.
  • Shall carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned to them by the President which may include—but not be limited to—liaison to committees, committee chairpersons and Association representatives on various governmental or affiliate bodies, i.e., State or local government or WAGE, IGEA, or other boards and/or committees on the county, State, or national level.


  • Shall keep complete chronological minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Statewide Advisory Council, and others as assigned.
  • Shall take minutes and record all motions and other official actions taken at Board of Directors meetings and thereafter shall cause them to be recorded in the official minutes book of the Association.
  • Shall be responsible for roll call votes and attendance records.
  • Shall maintain Executive Session minutes. Said minutes will be supplied to Board members. Executive Session minutes shall be given to the succeeding Secretary.
  • Shall give all documents and property of the Association in his/her custody to the successor in the office.
  • Shall maintain official attendance file for all Board meetings, including all written notices of absence and lateness sent by Board members. A report of all written notices of absence and lateness as received will be reported to the Board at the next meeting. The attendance file will also be available for review at each Board meeting.
  • Shall be responsible for recording Board motions and/or recommendations as to policy and/or work assignments. Motions and recommendations shall be given to the President for dissemination.
  • Shall maintain in a file motions passed by the Board of Directors that could cause changes to be made in the Board Policy Manual. Copies of any documents, i.e. committee reports that resulted in such a motion, shall also be retained.


  • Shall supervise receipt of all Association funds.
  • Shall supervise payment of bills for the Association that have been approved by the Executive Director and the President.
  • Shall supervise the proper accounting of the amounts and sources of receipts, and the amounts and purpose of disbursements, including proper vouchers for various items thereof.
  • Shall sign checks and check, if necessary, the validity of charges incurred.
  • Shall advise the President and the Executive Director regarding any fiscal question arising during the course of operations.
  • Shall verify all financial statements.
  • Shall sign all financial documents of the Association as required.
  • Shall review and approve the reconciliation of bank records.
  • Shall be responsible for submitting a written Treasurer’s report at each regular Board of Directors meeting and to each Statewide Advisory Council. If the financial records have closed for the preceding month by the time of the next Board meeting, that monthly Treasurer’s report shall be mailed to all Board members.
  • Shall render an annual written report of all receipts and disbursements to the annual Convention, and approved by the Budget Committee.
  • Shall provide the Board of Directors with a revised end-of-year financial statement at the December meeting each year.

Board of Directors Member



  • Shall attend meetings of the Board of Directors as required by the Bylaws. Vacancies shall be filled as provided in Section 4 of Article VI of the Bylaws. Regularly scheduled meetings for the next year shall be established at the last regularly scheduled Board meeting prior to Convention. The schedule of these meetings shall be published in every edition of the MCEA News. In the event that a member of the Board of Directors separates from public employment, the position shall automatically become vacant. In the event that a member of the Board of Directors retires before the end of his/her term, he/shall be permitted to serve Sine Die of the next Convention.
  • If a member of the Board of Directors is absent, arrives late, or departs early from a Board meeting, he/she must send written notice of the reason for that absence to the Board of Directors via the President to the Headquarters’ office. Such notice must be provided at least three (3) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Secretary of the Association shall maintain a file of absences as reflected in the official minutes of the Board of Directors and shall maintain all notices of reasons for absence and lateness that are submitted by Board members. Documentation of an illness shall be presented to the Board for action in a timely manner.
  • Members of the Board of Directors are required to attend the Annual Convention, unless excused by the President. Each Board member attending the Convention shall be prepared to report upon and discuss the business of the Association handled by the Board of Directors to any member present at the Convention.
  • Shall attend Statewide Advisory Council meetings.
  • Should attend their designated Area meetings.
  • Shall ensure that the President and Executive Director provide updates and reports on Association activities and provide direction on key issues.
  • Meetings – All regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting will adjourn no later than 11:00pm.
  • Committees – Shall serve on committees as appointed by the President.


Required Decisions

  • Shall act upon legal matters requiring review by the Board of Directors including decisions on matters to be taken to court on behalf of members.
  • Shall review progress reports semiannually from legal counsel on the status of all cases referred for legal action.
  • Shall approve formation of new chapters. The Board of Directors also has the power to dissolve or suspend any chapter proven to have acted in a manner detrimental to the best interests of the Association, or when a chapter has less than ten (10) members. The Board of Directors shall submit a written report of the full facts at the next Convention and furnish the chapter with a copy thereof thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Convention if such action is taken to the next Convention.
  • Shall fill any vacancies that occur in the Officer or non-officer member positions of the Board of Directors in accordance with the Bylaws.



  • Staff-related Matters – Shall employ and determine the compensation and duties of the Executive Director and Counsel. The Board shall ensure that the Executive Director is evaluated twice a year.
    • Financial Responsibilities
      • Shall ensure that MCEA is well maintained, financially secure, growing, and always operating in the best interests of all the members of MCEA.
      • Shall exercise control of the operating budget within the parameters set by the Convention.
      • Shall ensure that the Treasurer provides updates and reports—either oral or written—on the Association’s financial condition.
      • Shall authorize any unbudgeted expenditures and reallocation of the funds of the Association. A roll call vote shall be required for all such actions.
      • Shall, at the regular October meeting, set reimbursement rates for expenses incurred by members conducting business on behalf of MCEA.

Knowledge Requirements

  • Shall be familiar with the Bylaws of the Association.
  • Shall have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order and adhere to such procedures when making motions, speaking to motions, etc.
  • Shall study and assimilate materials to be discussed at Board meetings in order to make better informed decisions on issues.
  • Shall keep abreast of current affairs affecting public employees and public employment.
  • Shall have general working knowledge of bargaining agreements in areas of the State where MCEA represents employees.

Representation to Membership

  • Shall bring to the attention of the President, Board of Directors and/or Executive Director the concerns voiced by the membership.
  • Shall be available to meet with Chapter Presidents and attend chapter meetings when requested.
  • Shall communicate generally to the membership the decisions of the Board.

Policy Development

  • Shall review and act on all committee reports which are to be presented to the Convention and accept, reject and/or redirect committee reports submitted to the Board between Convention.
  • Shall vote on issues brought before the Board with the best interests of all of the members in mind. Decisions of the Board should be supported and Board members should refrain from criticizing other Board members and/or their opinions.
  • Shall review the progress of all motions requiring staff actions approved at the prior meeting and any other motions on which there has been no closure.


  • Shall not be a member of any competing labor organizations as defined in the Bylaws.
  • Shall develop a cooperative working relationship with the Officers, other members of the Board of Directors, and the membership.
  • Shall not use a position of the Board of Directors for personal advantage or personal gain or that of family or friends.


  • The Board of Directors, as individuals and as a body, must be dedicated to the growth of MCEA.
  • The Board of Directors must act on matters in regard to the best interests of the Association as a whole.
  • Shall ensure that MCEA is managed well, but not to do the managing. Staff complaints should be referred to the proper chain of command and not interfere with the duties of the Executive Director.
  • Shall strive to learn more about a Board member’s responsibilities, expectations, and duties.