Harvey Relief

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Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey which has brought untold suffering, destruction and devastation to the citizens of Texas, your help is desperately needed now. Although certainly our thoughts and our prayers are with those who have suffered through the aftermath, we need to do more to help those who have lost everything in life. Our fellow Americans have lost not only their homes and personal properties, they have also lost their jobs and even the bare essentials of human survival. Countless survivors are in disparate need of food, medicine, shelter and basic essentials. Can you imagine how it would be to wake up with only the clothes on your back? I cannot!

As MCEA President, I feel an obligation and am compelled to assist the many families who have been left in poverty, deprivation and struggle in this, their time of need. I am asking for your help so that together we can do our best to relieve their pain and suffering.

Please do not send donations directly to MCEA but rather donate what money you can to a charity of your choosing so that we may assist them in their time of need. Your assistance and donations no matter how small can and will make a huge difference in the lives of so many.

Yours in solidarity,

Linda Day
MCEA President