MCEA 2020 Convention Recap

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In accordance with the current times, MCEA was unable to gather in person for this year’s annual convention. However, that does not mean that work wasn’t completed. The union convened virtually for the 2020 annual convention and continued the business of the organization. There were several vital presentations from a host of people and organizations. Among the most important ones were a presentation by R.K. Tongue the union’s insurance providers. Additionally, President Linda Day’s report detailed the important work the union has been doing over the past year. One of the most important steps the union has done, has begun an organizing plan for new members on the eastern shore. The organizing plan includes a member survey of those at Salisbury University as well as the creation of a new labor rep position on the eastern shore to better serve our members in that location.

MCEA has been active in central Maryland as well. Under President Day’s direction the union has chartered members and territory in Harford and Baltimore counties as well as Baltimore city. Beyond organizing new members, it’s important to be able to have reliable contact information for existing members. MCEA in conjunction with the state affiliate AFT-Maryland and the national AFT, undertook a massive data collection plan that sought to discard old, unreliable data and update it with current information. Having better data will allow the union to have greater access to members and thus provide better service to the membership.

The convention did include business about updated bylaws and nominations for officers. The new bylaws went into effect at the conclusion of the convention and nominations were opened for the following positions: president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and board of directors. Elections will be held later this year. For more information on elections and updated bylaws, contact the MCEA office.