MCEA Convention 2020: the Highlights

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Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, MCEA was able to successfully hold its 2020 convention. With the help of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), we held our convention remotely, digitally, and safely. After all, the work of protecting the rights of our membership is too important to let fall by the wayside.

Some of the important achievements of this convention include:

  • the passage of updated bylaws;
  • the passage of a budget that continues through 2021;
  • the passage of a dues increase of $.50, making our monthly dues $22.75; and
  • the unopposed nomination of President Linda Day.

Also important was the approval of an organizing plan for new members on the Eastern Shore, following on the heels of successful contract negotiations at Salisbury University.

Additionally, we updated members about the massive data collection plan, initiated by MCEA and AFT, that seeks to discard outdated and unreliable contact information for our members. Having better contact information will allow MCEA to better communicate with our membership and thus provide better services.

For more information on the updated bylaws, feel free to contact the MCEA office.