MCEA meets with Lt. Gov. Rutherford

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On May 9, 2016 MCEA President, Linda Day, Michael Brown, Legislative Chair, and Labor Relations Specialist, Michael Keeney met with Lt. Governor, Boyd K. Rutherford. Ms. Day expressed her concerns of bullying in the workplace which has become incredibly prevalent throughout State Agencies. She emphasized that this unwanted demeaning behavior has led to high levels of stress and anxiety, serious illnesses and job abandonment of our union members. She urged the Lt. Governor to investigate and take action to eliminate this behavior within State Agencies. All State employees should be treated with respect, dignity and fairness in the workplace.

(pictured above, left to right:
Michael Brown, Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford,
MCEA President Linda Day, Michael Keeney.)

President Day also discussed her fears of the movement of forensic patients into our State Hospital Centers. It has been reported that many of our State Hospitals are housing over 90% of forensic patients. Traditionally these forensic patients are placed in a secure correctional setting, specifically Clifton T. Perkins Hospital where the employees are trained by the commission and are better equipped to provide care for these patients. Employees at the Clifton T. Perkins Hospital are also additionally compensated for these responsibilities. We ask the same for all health care providers that are subjected to this population of patients.

Additionally, President Day voiced her objection and opposition to any notion of the State outsourcing any of its services to the private sector and added that State employees have gone too long without a cost of Living Adjustment. It's time to take care of our members who keep moving Maryland forward.

In closing President Day reaffirmed her commitment to working with the Governor's Office in an effort to improve the lives of  State workers and citizens of Maryland. President Day would like to thank Lt. Governor Rutherford for the opportunity to meet and discuss our concerns.