MCEA is Now Hiring

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MCEA represents State and County employees within the State of Maryland. We organize and fight for respect, dignity, fairness and higher wages in the workplace. We currently have an entry level position open for a part time contractual Labor Relations Specialist/Organizer.

Duties and Responsibilities Include the following:

Process grievances and appeals:

  1. Interview members to determine issues and fill out case information form.
  2. Determine which procedure to use: State DOT, USM, District Court, Circuit Court, Various Counties, etcetera.
  3. Determine which process to use by applying State Personnel and Pensions Article, TSHRS, UMMS Personnel Policies Manual, COMAR Title 12, and Judicial Personnel Procedures Manual.
  4. Request appropriate letters to be sent to address member’s concerns using applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures...
  5. Ensure timeliness of grievances and appeals.
  6. Conduct investigations, which may include:
    1. Research laws, regulations, policies and procedures
    2. Interview grievant/appellant, and witnesses
    3. Review Personnel files.
  7. Represent members in grievance conferences or hearings which may include:
    1. File/argue motions and preliminary matters
    2. Request witness and/or documents for hearings
    3. Opening statements
    4. Direct examination of witness and cross-examination of management witnesses.
    5. Placing documents into evidence preliminarily or through witnesses.
    6. Informal discussions with member and management to attempt settlement.
    7. Fill out Request to go to Circuit Court Summary Form

Chapter relations may include the following:

  1. Attend chapter meetings. Give reports and answer member questions and concerns
  2. May solicit new officers. Conduct elections of chapter officers according to MCEA by-laws.
  3. Swear in new officers using the oaths outlined in the Chapter Presidents Manual.
  4. Visit chapter official and locations to supply them with forms, flyers, and other MCEA materials (i.e. recruitment material, petitions, Bylaws, regulations.
  5. Assist chapters to address concerns with the Board of Directors and or Headquarters office.
  6. Call chapter meetings to solicit new officers in chapter without officers.
  7. Abolish or consolidate chapters in written request to Board of Directors using the MCEA Bylaws.
  8. Attendance and participation at Statewide, Convention or other mass meetings called by MCEA.

Recruiting new members may include:

  • Schedule and conduct MCEA Information Days.
  • Attend orientation and health fairs.
  • Conduct site visits.
  • Organizing around issues
  • Leading special projects or initiatives which would strengthen MCEA, such as Collective Bargaining, Legislative Agendas’ etcetera.

Other Duties may include:

  • Leading special projects or initiatives which would strengthen MCEA, such as Collective Bargaining, Legislative Agendas’ etcetera.
  • Submit issues for publication in MCEA News.
  • Prepare and distribute surveys, flyers etcetera.
  • Lobby various political divisions and sub-divisions for the enhancement of MCEA and its’ members.

Education, Training and Experience:

Possession of a College Degree in Labor Relations or Personnel Management. May substitute with High School Degree plus five years experience in employee relations, grievance representation or collective bargaining. Labor Relations Specialist should be methodical by nature and have a high degree of analytical skills with an emphasis in paying close attention to detail.

Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience. Contact Michael Keeney through e-mail or you may fax your resume and cover letter to 410-298-8058 attention Michael Keeney. Please do not call our office, you will be notified if considered for the position.