MCEA at Towson University

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MCEA's team of professionals met with employees of Towson University to explain the many benefits of union membership. Over the summer months MCEA has sponsored meetings with the employees in an effort to inform them of their rights as state employees. Attendees came prepared with many questions ranging from appeal and grievances, acting pay, reclassifications, leave usage, workplace bullying and insurance. On hand to answer these questions were (featured left to right) MCEA attorney Hillary Galloway Davis, board member, Anna Cluster, Barbara Thompson, Vice President, Agnes Valenzia, President, Linda Day, Towson Chapter President, Carolyn Scott, RK Tongue Insurance Director of Employee Benefits, Caroline Kendrick Cole and (not pictured) Michael Keeney, MCEA Labor Relations Specialist, Michael Keeney. Towson University employees left with a sense relieve knowing that MCEA was in their corner. MCEA will sponsor another meeting at Towson University in December.