Remembering an MCEA member

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This is to morn our sorrow of a very strong member of MCEA Chapter 45, who is no longer with us.. From Chapter 45 - the Chapter that Rocks!

We love you and mourn the loss of a great sister and member of MCEA. These words are but a few from Chapter 45. Phyliss was a fighter who believed in fighting for what was right and the protection of all state employees. She made every chapter meeting, and never missed MCEA Statewide or MCEA conventions. These words are from your sisters and brothers of Chapter 45.

It's hard to see tomorrow when someone you love is gone. 
And it's harder still to realize that your life will still go on. 
But the Lord won't give you burdens which he knows you cannot bear,
and he will not leave you comfortless; you will always find him there.
We're all our Father's children, here on earth and up above,
and our Chapter 45 loved one now walks close to God.
Surrounded by his love.

MCEA will miss you, always.
Written by President Ken Beach of Chapter 45.