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November 2022

Ratified! Our New Constitution & Bylaws Pass Overwhelmingly

Yes - I approve MCEA's Constitution & Bylaws wins with 94.45% of the vote.

Congratulations, MCEA, on your new Constitution & Bylaws. Visit to view them.

Administrator's Report

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, we held a General Membership Meeting via Zoom. First, I detailed the contributions of the MCEA Advisory Board. Formed from previous executive board members, both active and retiree members, the Advisory Board met monthly to bring our union to where it is now. Some of these contributions include


From MCEA Advisory Board member Brad Budd:

As a new member on board with the team, I really had a very enlightening and educational experience at this year's AFL-CIO conference. I could feel a sense of unity and cohesiveness throughout the entire convention. Thank you, Marilyn Miller, for your leadership throughout the conference. Thank you, Leonard Lee, for your words of wisdom and advice.


On September 27, 2022, we held our first Supervisors Council meeting, bringing together supervisors from across Maryland to discuss our shared experiences and issues.

We are holding follow-up meetings. Join us by registering at the links below:


Salisbury University Maintenance Mechanics win backpay from unpaid shift differentials

A few maintenance mechanics were asked to cover a shift because of a vacant position and they were not paid their night shift differential as has been the practice for decades.

We asked management why this happened and management boldly claimed that we should never have received night differentials and that we’re lucky we don’t have to pay them back, as if our time and work doesn’t matter. Our members reminded management that our contract, as well as State law, guarantees our shift differentials. Our members


Dear MCEA member,

Thank you for the work you do every day, and thank you for joining MCEA. Your dedication and your exceptional work have always been essential to your communities, but never more so than over the past two years. During this pandemic, you as public employees have kept your communities going - from public health to public safety.  Your value is immeasurable and your membership matters.

The more people who join, the more power we have to win the professional rights, rewards, and respect we deserve, and to fight for the families and communities we serve. I hope you'll go a step

Labor solidarity and support for workers extends beyond the shores of the United States. International solidarity is a hallmark of AFT’s commitment to workers’ rights across the globe. AFT-Maryland and MCEA Local 1935 demonstrated that commitment by hosting a reception for labor activists touring the United States to promote workers’ rights, economic justice, and fair democracy in the Philippines.    The event began with opening remarks from AFT-Maryland President Kenya Campbell who stressed the importance of worker solidarity. She laid out the state federation’s commitment to ... CLICK TO READ MORE