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Our History



  • Founded On March 3, 1935 by a group of State workers motivated to protect the merit system from     political patronage
  • Incorporated Feb. 24, 1936
  • Brought about accumulated sick leave law, paid vacation and "temporary" pension plan
  • Established health and accident insurance
  • Introduced pension issue in General Assembly in 1939


  • Secured passage of pension bill for 9,000 State workers
  • Won several pay raises and bonuses
  • Won five-day workweek
  • Gained Worker's Compensation for all State employees


  • Led effort to establish the State Employees Credit Union
  • Won pay increases for State workers
  • Won standard 40-hour workweek


  • Won longevity pay plan
  • Won pay raises for State workers
  • Investigated collective bargaining concept in 1968
  • Won 20 days vacation for 20-year employees
  • Won night pay differential
  • Gained increase in pension benefits
  • Welcomed first county chapter


  • Proposed Martin Luther King Jr. holiday
  • Won 3 personal leave days
  • Attained five-step grievance procedure
  • Secured passage of 25-year retirement plan
  • Won 90 percent reduction in employee contributions to health plans
  • Earned agreement from State to allow sick leave for pregnancy, childbirth and recovery


  • Provided first dental plan to State employees
  • Won reclassification of thousands of State workers
  • Won additional on-the-job protections for Correctional Officers and other public safety personnel
  • Won county collective bargaining elections
  • Blocked attempts to privatize State job


  • Won State employee pay raises
  • Blocked 585% increase in health insurance premiums
  • Sued State over extended workweek without pay
  • Won early retirement benefits for State, county, and university employees
  • Introduced FREE protection package and suspension benefits to MCEA members
  • Won significant increases to pension benefits
  • Defeated bill to authorize collective bargaining service fees


  • Introduced computer training benefit for MCEA members
  • Won legislation granting bargaining rights to university employees
  • Won legal action (Court of Appeals) to reaffirm the 30-day rule which requires that a State agency must investigate, meet with the employee, consider mitigating circumstances, and impose any disciplinary     action within 30 days of learning of alleged misconduct, or rescind the disciplinary action.
  • Won collective bargaining rights to represent sworn police officers at Frostburg State, Salisbury, and     Bowie State Universities, and non-exempt employees at SU and the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science.
  • Negotiated contracts for university bargaining units


  • Won legislation granting Collective Bargaining Rights to MTA police sergeants
  • Launched a campaign to win collective bargaining rights for supervisors
  • Continued to negotiate for our collective bargaining units and strengthen their membership

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