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Marilyn Miller

Marilyn Miller 2

Marilyn Miller, President, retired after 25 years with the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services; a member of MCEA for 35 years.  President Miller has served in every officer position, board of directors, and committees of MCEA.

Vice President
Ray Crosby

Ray Crosby 2

Raymond Crosby, Vice President, retired after 45 years with Harford County Government; a member of MCEA for 46 years.  Ray has served on the County Advisory Board, Treasurer of MCEA, and numerous committees.

Sherry Anderson

Sherry Anderson

Sherry Anderson, Secretary, is an active employee with the Department of Juvenile Services for 23 years, 10 months; a member of MCEA for 23 years.  Sherry has served on numerous committees and has been a board member for 10years.

Dawn Rowe

Dawn Rowe 2

Dawn Rowe, Treasurer, is an active employee with the Department of Juvenile Services for 24 years; a member of MCEA for 23 years.  Dawn has served on numerous committees, and this is her second time as Treasurer.

Executive Director

Wanda Bailey

Wanda Bailey

Wanda Bailey, Executive Director, has been employed with MCEA for 2 years. She was previously employed with the American Federation of Teachers for 22 years with many years of experience in human resources and organizing and field services.


Candidate Biographies

Woman with dark hair

Dawn Rowe - Candidate for MCEA Treasurer

My name is Dawn Rowe and I am the current MCEA Treasurer.  I have been an active Member of MCEA for 22 years now.  I work for the Department of Juvenile Services, in Region 5 (Anne Arundel, Carroll County and Howard County) as the Resource Specialist Supervisor. I have been a dedicated State employee for 23 years.  I have been part of several committees over the years for MCEA, Nominating Committee (2012), Bylaws Committee (2010 and 2015), and Convention Committee (2013)(2014). I am currently the Area III Secretary and have held