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2016 Convention

MCEA held its 81st annual convention on October 8, 2016. The meeting was called to order by MCEA President, Linda Day. This year's convention was held at the Diamondz Event  Center located in Baltimore City. President Day welcomed and addressed the huge crowd of delegates who travelled from all four corners of the state to conduct the business of MCEA. President Day expressed that our number one goal as always is to service our members and provide them with the very best representation possible. MCEA member Janet Rhone described how being a member of MCEA personally benefited her.  Ms. Rhone was unjustly terminated by the MTA, and who by the grace of God  and the help of her union was reinstated with full back pay and benefits. It was a terrible, frightening experience she stated but MCEA's attorney Hillary Galloway Davis encouraged me to never give up, she kept me strong and now I feel vindicated and made whole again. The convention resulted in significant By-Law changes that will help streamline our organization and become more cost effective.

October 2016

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