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Attention All Supervisors!

Attention Supervisors; You have the right to collectively bargain!

MCEA is the oldest public employees union in Maryland and has been fighting for Maryland state workers since 1935, representing individual supervisors in grievances, disciplinary appeals, and through the appellate courts of Maryland for nearly 90 years.

MCEA has collectively bargained for police, higher education, and county workers, but does not bargain for the state employees that you supervise – there is no conflict of interest which is why Supervisors are choosing MCEA.

MCEA’s Constitution provides for a separate supervisor’s council and a seat on the MCEA Board of Directors – Supervisors are a part of our decision-making team. As of July 1, 2023, union dues are now tax deductible in the state of Maryland. This restores Maryland to the honor of being the only state in the US to allow tax deductible union dues.

You can join electronically by clicking the link below:

To complete an authorization card for Supervisors, please click on the link below:

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