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MCEA Picnic at Salisbury University

On Wednesday, June 10th from 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. In Seagull Square at Salisbury University MCEA held a lunchtime event for all of the eligible bargaining unit non-exempt employees.  The event was a great success and enjoyed by all in attendance.

Joining the event were, Jack Nelson, Executive Director, Karen Coulbourne, MCEA Staff, Linda Day, MCEA President, and Debra Truitt, Chapter 72 President and Dale Maddox, Chapter 72 Vice President. 

Also, in attendance were Marty Guinane, Chuck Morrell and Virginia Kovaleski from AFT.

Those in attendance enjoyed hot dogs, fruit salad, chips, baked beans and sodas.

There were opportunities to ask questions and engage the attendees.

Simply,  it was a great event and represents the best in Union Solidarity.

For more photos, click here to visit AFT-Maryland's Facebook page.

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