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MCEA Retiree Chapter Meeting

AFT-Maryland Political Coordinator Todd Reynolds led a meeting at MCEA headquarters to inform retired members of the most recent updates the state retiree prescription drug benefit issue. With the case still in court, there is not a clear resolution to explain to members at this point. Reynolds did update retirees on the most recent hearing on the issue in Annapolis that took place in October. Those in attendance were appreciative of the information that Reynolds did share and are eager to hear directly from legislators what the plan moving forward will be.

The MCEA retiree chapter will be addressing legislators at AFT-Maryland’s Lobby Night 2020. They and other AFT-Maryland members who are state workers and retirees, will be seeking clarity and ultimately a resolution to the prescription drug benefit question. Undoubtedly the retirees from MCEA will be leading the way for the state federation on demanding answers and accountability from our state elected officials.


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