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SB349/HB670 (Retiree Prescription Bill) Update

Senate Bill 349 and House Bill 670 are currently under review, and their outcome could greatly affect our access to essential prescription services. While the specifics of these changes are still unfolding, the importance of our collective voice in this matter cannot be overstated. We must come together as a community to express our concerns and advocate for our rights.

Your experiences, stories, and voices are powerful tools in shaping the decisions that affect us all. We encourage you to reach out to your congressperson through letters or phone calls to share your thoughts on SB 349. Expressing your personal stories and the potential impact of this bill on your life can make a profound difference in the legislative process. To assist in this endeavor, I will be attaching a series of screenshots to this email, showcasing some of our members actively engaging in advocacy.

Please feel free to reach out to me at if you need guidance on how to contact your representatives or if you have any questions regarding the bill and its implications. Together, we can make a difference.

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