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Union Victories @ Salisbury University

Salisbury University Maintenance Mechanics win backpay from unpaid shift differentials

A few maintenance mechanics were asked to cover a shift because of a vacant position and they were not paid their night shift differential as has been the practice for decades.

We asked management why this happened and management boldly claimed that we should never have received night differentials and that we’re lucky we don’t have to pay them back, as if our time and work doesn’t matter. Our members reminded management that our contract, as well as State law, guarantees our shift differentials. Our members were paid back promptly.

Salisbury University Dining Service Employees defend their right to replacement uniforms

Several members in Dining Services requested new, better-fitting uniforms, only to be told by management that there isn’t room in the budget for uniforms. However, our union contract guarantees properly-fitting uniforms and an opportunity to replace them every week. Because our members stood strong and defended their rights, they received their replacement uniforms.

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